Webinars Offered by Insights2Improvement

NEASEA has partnered with Insights2Improvement, Inc. to offer our members more professional development opportunities and resources

These webinars are free for members. Non-members may also join our webinars at a rate of $15 per webinar.

Robert Peter, owner and facilitator, joined us at the 2018 and 2019 conference for sessions on emotional intelligence, leadership, and an introduction to DISC. This partnership gives NEASEA members discounts on assessments, trainings, and webinars.

We have set up a webinar series for our members to give you a refresher from this year's conference and to explore the opportunities available to NEASEA.

For questions, Robert can be reached at [email protected]


NEASEA Personal Leadership Webinar Series


Each webinar begins at Noon EST and are approximately 45 minutes.


February 19, 2020: Enable Others to Act.  It is not enough to show and tell.  If people around you don't have the tools and confidence to take action, you will find yourself solving most of the problems and making most of the decisions. Leadership at any level is about providing team members with the tools, resources, and information to get the job done.  Leaders must build confidence by giving away "power" and providing everyone a chance to contribute every day.  Regardless of your role, enabling others will improve your results.

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March 11, 2020: Encourage the Heart. It is not enough to say please and thank you, although its a great start.  If people around you don't feel connected and part of a team, they are not engaged.  If people don't feel appreciated, they don't produce their best work.  Leadership at any level is creating high energy workplaces where everyone feels valued.  Leaders must eliminate negativity, provide "high fives", and create an appreciative workplaces.  Regardless of your role, encouragement improves results.

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