Free Webinars Offered by Insights2Improvements

NEASEA has partnered with Insights2Improvement to offer our members more professional development opportunities and resources

Robert Peter, owner and facilitator, joined us at the 2018 conference for two sessions on emotional intelligence and an introduction to DISC. This partnership gives NEASEA members discounts on assessments, trainings, and webinars.

We have set up a webinar series for our members to give you a sample of what we will learn at this year's conference and to explore the opportunities available to NEASEA.

For questions, Robert can be reached at [email protected]

Stop Hiring the Same Old Way, A Few New Strategies Will Land A-Players in All Your Roles, April 25th noon-1p

A “bad fit” or worse yet “bad” hire is painful and costly (up to the whole year’s salary of the employee).  Yet many of us keep on using the same recruitment and selection practices expecting to get different results.  In the this 60minute lunch and learn webinar, you will learn about three key recruitment and hiring best practices that will land you A-players.  Current experience and technical skills matter, but should take second place to these three keys if you want to put the right person in the right job and ensure they succeed.  In addition to the three keys, you will receive a free top 10 interview question guide for participating in the webinar. Click here to log-in and register for the webinar.


Minimize the Stress and Navigate Those Difficult Conversations, May 23rd, noon-1p

Need to have or have had a conversation that you really didn’t want to have?  While these chats are not always easy, they are all important.  With a little planning, you can make sure that these difficult conversations go smoothly and yield the results you are hoping to achieve (or at least go as smoothly as they can and get you moving in the right direction).  This webinar will provide you with a step-by-step process to follow to map-out and engage in productive “tough talks”.  Keep your emotions in check and have those conversations with confidence. Click here to log-in and register for the webinar.


Engagement Goes Beyond a Survey, It Happens at Each Stage of the Employee Life-cycle, June 27th, noon-1p

While employee engagement is creeping up a couple percentage points each year, it is not close to good.  If you have experienced people that are contributing at a minimum, talking negatively about their work (you their boss or employer) and seem to be more work than their worth, you may have an engagement problem.  There is now “silver bullet”.  Engagement success happens one employee at a time and through a variety of practices occurring across the organization and the life-cycle of the employee.  This webinar will explore personalizing engagement and the life-cycle of the employee.  Improve your business results (while lowering your frustration levels) when you apply the best practice strategies you learn about in this webinar. Click here to log-in and register for the webinar.