National Student Employment Week

Charly Totoro Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year

NEASEA Graduate Student Employee of the Year

NEASEA Supervisor of the Year


Forms for SEOTY, GSEOTY, and SOTY can be found here on our website

Please visit this page to view the email that recently went out regarding changes to SEOTY and well as a review the requirements for GSEOTY.


Student Employment Recognition Handbook information can be found here. 


National Student Employment Week-  April 10-16, 2022

Chair: Candice Garabedian, University of Massachusetts - Lowell

[email protected]  P: (978) 934-5349

Supervisor of the Year Chair: Heather Dunn, Dickinson College

[email protected]  P: (717) 254-8949

The National Student Employment Association has declared that the second complete week in April each year be set aside to recognize the value of student employees and student employment professionals.


The purpose of this week is threefold:

  1. To enhance awareness of student employment and its important role in higher education experience.
  2. To recognize students who perform outstanding work while attending college.
  3. To thank YOU, the employer, who hire students for part-time positions and make the student employment program such a success.

Student Employee of the Year 

Each spring, the National Student Employment Administration (NSEA) coordinates a Student Employee of the Year selection process in conjunction with NSEA’s regional affiliates.  The purpose of the selection process is to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work while attending college. 

The process begins at the institution level.  Supervisors have the ability to nominate outstanding student employees to be considered as their Student Employee of the Year.  Once selected, any institution who is a current member of one of NSEA's regional affiliates - MASEA, NEASEA, SASEA, and WASEA - may nominate their Student Employee of the Year for regional and national consideration.  

Each region sets its own eligibility criteria for student nominees. Generally student workers may be classified as "regular work-study", institutional hourly wage, graduate assistants, or even co-op students to be nominated. 

NEASEA provides the NEASEA Student Employment Recognition Handbook to our members.  The handbook is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct successful Student Employment Recognition programs and is available to download from the Member area of the NEASEA website.  It includes the following information:

  • National Student Employment Week planning and sample correspondence.
  • Charly Totoro Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year general information, procedures, and sample correspondence.
  • NEASEA Graduate Student Employee of the Year general information, procedures, and sample correspondence.
  • NEASEA Supervisor of the Year general information, procedures, and sample correspondence.
  • Student Employment Recognition forms are also available in the NEASEA Member area.  

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Supervisor of the Year Program

The Northeast Association of Student Employment Administrators (NEASEA) conducts a selection process to choose an outstanding supervisor whom the organization recognizes as the NEASEA Supervisor of the Year.  The goal of the program is to provide student employee Supervisors with the recognition they so fully deserve.   Supervisor of the Year Information and Nomination materials will soon be available on the NEASEA website. 

2009 marked the Inaugural Year of the Supervisor of the Year Program for NEASEA.  The program begins at an institutional level and progresses to the Regional level.  This award was established to recognize the integral the student supervisor plays in the education of a student employee.  Student supervisors act as mentors and provide education to their students that they cannot gain through the classroom.  Students at colleges and universities across the region are asked to nominate supervisors who they feel are especially worthy of recognition.  

The selection process begins in January at the college/university level and is completed by April at the regional level. Many schools combine the results of their campus level selection process with other events surrounding National Student Employment Week (April 10th-16th, 2022). 

It is suggested that the student employment administrators distribute nomination materials to student employees in mid-January.  The deadline for campus selections to be transmitted to the Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) Chair is March 4th.  The deadline is strictly adhered to by NEASEA for inclusion in the regional selection process. No exceptions will be made.