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Join us July 25-27, 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel,  Niagara Falls, NY for NEASEA's annual conference.  

The Conference Schedule is now available.  We have a comprehensive learning and development agenda, including a session on emotional intelligence (EI).  If you plan to attend, visit these links to review What is EI and complete a quick EI self-assessment.  We can't wait to see you in Niagara Falls.

Conference Rates:

  • Sponsors & Exhibitors - $500.00*
  • Friday Training - $59.00 

*Call Lauren Ward at 585-276-7183 for Sponsorship opportunities and/or Vendor information.


Hotel Information:

DoubleTree by Hilton
401 Buffalo Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY  14303
The conference rate is $149.00 per night, plus applicable taxes.  Reservations must be made prior to July 2, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. to receive the preferred conference rate.  The daily parking fee is waived for conference attendees staying at the hotel.
The discount code is NSE.


Hotel Reservation or call 716-524-3344. 


Key Note Speakers:

Jaclyn Richard-Activist & Motivational Speaker
President, Rochester NOW
As president of the Rochester chapter of the National Organization for Women since 2015, Jaclyn Richard has led actions to lobby for women’s rights and secure the passage of the Women’s Equality Act, to demand equal pay and economic justice for women, fight for reproductive freedom, Racial & LGBTQ equality and end violence against women. As a leader and spokeswoman for NOW, Jaclyn has led outreach to local college campuses to speak about reproductive rights, #me too and she has rallied in Albany and DC with ally organizations to fight for a Reproductive Health Act and a Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act in New York State.


Robert B. Peter II- Coach, Team Builder & Leadership Trainer
President, Insights2Improvement, Inc.

Emotional Intelligence General Session and Friday DISC Workshop

Bob is a direct, results-focused coach, trainer and team facilitator. His professional experience includes over twenty years of work in human resources and the learning and development profession. Insights2Improvement, Inc., his coaching, learning and development organization, works with companies in a variety of industries ranging from small business to large global organizations. Bob and the Insights team differentiate themselves by integrating research-based and time-tested resources into customized solutions that deliver results for their clients.
Bob is an active member and speaker for organizations including the Society for Human Resource Management, American Society for Training and Development and founding member of the Greater Rochester Human Resource Career Network. He is a proud father of four great children and enjoys spending time with family on Lake Ontario.



Isthier Chaudhury, Associate Director of International Admissions

University of Rochester

International Student Employee Perspectives 

Isthier Chaudhury is Associate Director of International Admissions at the University of Rochester. He has been at Rochester since 2013 and his recruitment work primarily focuses on China, with additional experience across Europe and Asia. His team oversees student staff that support engagement with prospective international students through social media, interviews, and panel presentations.  

 Other session topics include becoming paperless, the challenges of running a student employment office, providing sick time to student employees,  operating a stand alone student employment office, a federal update and more.  The full list of programs is still being finalized and will be available in July.

 Samantha Veeder

Samantha Veeder,

Director of Financial Aid, Associate Dean of College Enrollment, University of Rochester. EASFAA President.

Federal Update

Sam has worked in financial aid and higher education for over 20 years. During her tenure, she has worked at several colleges and universities throughout western NY. Sam is also the president of the Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (EASFAA). 

Optional Workshop

DISC --  What’s Your Behavioral Style?  Putting it to Work to Improve Communication and Results  

Friday July, 27  Cost $59.00

Presented by Robert B. Peter II- Coach, Team Builder & Leadership Trainer
President, Insights2Improvement, Inc.

Like Myers Briggs -- but more FUN!  It provides the insights into people’s behavioral tendencies and communication styles that may take years to understand without DISC. If you understand behavior, you can adapt it to improve performance. We are all a mixture of styles and no one type is superior than any other. Using DISC will help you understand, value and work more effectively with others. The DISC model provides a common language for people to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others. DISC can be put to work within a team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or your other relationships.

 Community Service Project

Heart Love and Soul

Heart, Love and Soul (H&S) was founded by the prayer group of Sacred Heart Parish more than 30 years ago. Aware of the needs of the neighborhood, members of the prayer group were inspired by Jesus' words in Matthew 25, "Whatever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do to me."The original food pantry grew into a dining program. Meals were prepared in the store front on Pierce Avenue and taken to a church to be served. The church location changed as space was available. In 2003 the current location was purchased and renovated. The pantry, kitchen and dining room are all at this site.  


The food pantry serves over 700 individuals each month, providing food for families who are able to prepare it at home. Shelves in the pantry are filled with food procured from the WNY Food Bank as well as food purchased through donations. Following New York State Department of Health guidelines, each guest receives enough food for twelve meals. There is also fresh produce, frozen meats, eggs, milk, and cheese available.

Guests of the pantry include the chronically poor, those on fixed incomes and many waiting for their first check for unemployment, disability or public assistance. A case worker can offer assistance to guests who are eligible for public assistance.

Guests of the food pantry select their groceries once a month. With the assistance of volunteers, guests "shop" in the pantry and select food that is to their preference and dietary need. Allowing guests to choose what food they want within categories including grains, proteins, and fruits & vegetables, ensures that food will be used; food that are available are consistent with guest preferences.

Guests are also invited to choose items from the extra shelf. The extra shelf includes items purchased with donations and given by individuals, churches and community groups. This shelf contains food items such as snacks, drink mixes, cooking and baking ingredients, and easy meals, such as Ramen noodles. 

Heart, Love & Soul provides these services without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, and reprisal or relational for prior civil rights activity.

The pantry is looking for donations of pasta sides, rice sides, hamburger helper, mustard, catsup, relish, jello to help fill their shelves for their guests.


Buffalo Niagara International Airport:

Distance from Hotel:  25 mi.
Drive Time:  30 min.

Niagara Falls International Airport

Distance from Hotel:8 miles
Drive Time:13 minutes
825 Depot Avenue West
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Distance from Hotel:   3.3 Miles
Drive Time:  10 minutes



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