What is our E-List?

It is a discussion list of current issues within student employment, including upcoming events, training, conferences, job opportunities, announcements, and discussions.  This list is open to members only.


Here’s a piece of trivia.  Did you know that the term “listserv” actually refers to a specific commercial software product?  Much like the “Kleenex” or “Aspirin,” brand names that are now generically used to refer to facial tissue or acetylsalicylic acid, the term “LISTSERV” is often interpreted to be a generic term of all interactive electronic mailing lists.


Why use our E-List?

It is an additional resource to help keep you connected to your colleagues.  It allows you to “talk” with other professionals about current issues and trends within our field as well as learn about networking and training opportunities.


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe?

·        Login to the NEASEA website using your NEASEA login and password. 

·        Under Quick Links, select My Profile.

·        Under the "My Features" tab, select My ELists

·        Set “Subscribe” as "On" to subscribe or “"Off" to unsubscribe


While you’re subscribing, be sure to check turn on the “Email Delivery” field

·        “On” allows all e-mail sent to the list to be delivered to the email address listed. 

·        “Off” means that no e-mails will be sent to you, but you can review all messages that have been posted to the E-List by simply clicking on the name of the E-List.  (This feature is handy if you’re going to be away and would prefer not to have the E-List messages fill up your In Box while you are gone.)


How do I send a message to the E-List?

You can send a message two ways:

·       Send an e-mail to [email protected]

-- Or --

·       Login to the NEASEA website, go to My E-Lists in your profile, click on the E-List name, and choose “Post a New Message.”


Your e-mail will be distributed to everyone currently subscribed to the NEASEA E-List and will be available for viewing by E-List participants on the NEASEA website.


If you want to become a NEASEA Member please join under the Membership section in the top menu.  A year's membership is $95.00.