SEE Training consists of a two-day, professional seminars that will teach you the skills critical to the success of every student employment professional as well as to your university's student employment program.  These "hands-on" workshops immerse participants in all aspects of running a successful student employment office and provide a framework for you to sharpen existing skills and acquire new ones.

Expert trainers will provide you with well-researched, practical information you can apply immediately. The value is unbeatable. You will receive a wide range of the most important student employment information, access to an expert, opportunities to share information and learn best practices with colleagues, lunch, a training manual for each track, and a Certificate of Completion.

Who would benefit from SEE Training?

Anyone who has questions about how to manage any part of student employment at an institution. That means YOU! 
Financial Aid /  Career Services / Human Resources /  Payroll / Student Affairs / Business and Agency Representatives / Any professionals interested in student employment issues


Who conducts the SEE Training?

 Highly trained student employment professionals who have been educated and certified as facilitators by the National Student Employment Association's national trainers.


What topics are covered? 

     Track A - Legal Issues in Student Employment

  •         Employment Regulations
  • ·       Developing Training Programs
  • ·       Employing International Students
  • ·       I-9s and W-4's
  • ·       Interviewing and Selection
  • ·       FERPA


  •       Track B – FWS and Job Development in Student Employment
  • ·       Federal Work Study (FWS) - Program Management and Administration
  •         FWS - Student Eligibility
  • ·       FWS - Job Location and Development (JLD) Administration
  • ·       Marketing Your Student Employment Program
  • ·       FWS - Allowable Employment
  • ·       FWS - Off-Campus Programs
  • ·       FWS - Community Service.

Participants will gain enhanced knowledge, skills and abilities that will help them with their personal and professional goals.  Demonstrate to your administration that you remain up-to-date on all aspects of employing students on your campus.  




Manching Tom

NEASEA – VP of Professional Development


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