NEASEA Membership

July 1 - June 30


The ***Institutional Membership*** is a new form. If you have or want to establish an institutional membership for your college or university, this is where you begin.  The person completing the form will be the Institutional Respresentative and will add or update their information as well as the information for the other  members at their institution. The Institutional Representative will also be the one person to pay the membership dues.


We have three tiers:


three members: $200

four members:   $250

five members:    $300

additional members complete the single member form.


If one of your institutional members should leave the student employment field, you may substitute another member by contacting the Vice President for Administration. 




Membership Benefits


  • NEASEA Newsletters
  • NEASEA membership directory, providing networking opportunities with hundreds of colleagues. 
  • The NEASEA Student Employment Recognition Handbook, to support your participation in the National Student Employment Week, Student Employee of the year, and Supervisor of the Year programs
  • Invitations to state and regional meetings and workshops
  • The Professional Development Resource Center providing resources and links to a variety of web resources, as well as:
    • Session handouts from a selection of our annual conference presentations
  • NEASEA's e-list, providing an e-mail link for members to share ideas, ask questions, and network.
  • NEASEA's governing documents -- Constitution and By-Laws
  • Professional networking with individuals in your area which will improve your own personal and professional development in a variety of fields related to student employment issues.


Annual Membership Fees


  • Individual:  $75
  • Institutional:  
    • $200 for 3 members at the same campus established on the same day
    • $250 for 4 members at the same institution established on the same day
    • $300 for 5 members at the same institution established on the same day
    • Individual $75 membership for each additional member


For Further Information Please Contact:

Nicole Waterman

VP for Administration         



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