Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) Timeline


Dec/January:           Distribution of materials to NEASEA members.

February 23:            SOTY nominations are due at the campus level. 

March 9:                   Deadline for SOTY Campus Selection to be e-mailed to the SOTY Chair.

March 14:                 SOTY Committee Chair sends campus level selectees to regional level readers.

March 28:                 Regional Readers - Deadline for return of rankings by regional level readers to SOTY Committee Chair.

March 30:                 Notification to NEASEA President of Supervisor of the Year.  Certificate and $100.00 gift card will be prepared and forwarded to nominating school.


Currently, we are looking for volunteers to participate as a reader in the SOTY regional selection process.  As a Reader you would be responsible for Reading and Ranking a group of regional nominees. The time commitment required depends on the number of nominees received, but is expected to be approximately 2 hours per reader.  Please e-mail me at if you are interested in volunteering your time and talents as a reader for the Supervisor of the Year Program.  

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