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It is hard to believe this is October!  Your academic year is well underway and my guess is you have already found yourself with some questions about student employment – some common ones surround issues such as:

  • Supervisor training
  • FWS fund/wage issues
  • Community service
  • International student employment
  • JLD programs
  • National student employee/supervisor appreciation week celebrations
  • Student employee training
  • Working collaboratively with campus offices and external constituents
  • Student employee learning outcomes for your accreditation bodies
  • FLSA new rules and how they might (or might not) apply to student employment
  • …and so many more!


One of the ways you are able to find answers to your questions – or find/share best practices in the field, is through your NEASEA organization.


Now, your organization needs YOU!

The nominations for the NEASEA Executive Board are now open.


WHY would YOU, or someone you know, choose to serve the membership as an Executive Board member?  This is your opportunity to:

  • Give back to an organization which has supported you either for a number of years, or in your relatively new positions (when you had so many questions!).
  • Contribute some positive ideas for change that you would like to see in the organization
  • Enhance your professional leadership skills
  • Communicate with other highly skilled professionals in the field
  • Brand yourself professionally in a field which is GROWING! (…at the same time improving your resume for that internal promotion or finding the next position in the field).


Please take the time to NOMINATE yourself or colleagues for the 2017 Slate.

Attached is a document which outlines the positions.


 Picture of NEASEA board members, attending conference in Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Call for Nominations

Position Descriptions




I-9 PENALTY INCREASE – Effective August 1, 2016


If your office is in charge of I-9s for students then this is important information for you and your college or university.



Before: $110 – $1,100 per violation

Now:     $216 – $2,156 per violation


E-VERIFY – Failure to notify DHS of continuing employment when employee receives Final Non-Confirmation:

Before:   $500 – $1,000 per individual

Now:       $751 – $1,502 per individual




First offenders:      $  375 – $  3,200 per individual

Repeat offenders:  $4,300 – $16,000 per individual


First offenders:      $   539 – $  4,313 per individual

Repeat offenders:   $6,469 – $21,563 per individual




A recent survey asked if schools had multiple or single pay rates for student positions. At a time when many states are raising their minimum wage to $10 or more and keying future pay rates to the cost of living increase, this is a topic that many schools will be discussing. Of the 75 schools responding,  8% have a single rate for all student employment positions.  A number of schools indicated that they are looking at the single pay rate.  One reason for maintaining multiple pay rates is the complexity of the job and the level of responsibility given to the student.  


For a full list of responses please follow this Link.

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